Is Lockdown Necessary?

It appears more and more that there seems to be a few holes in the governments information. My first thoughts of anyone who says, “use only us for the truth” may have a reason for wanting everyone to implicitly trust them. I mean let’s be honest with ourselves, if someone stood up wearing hippie beads and said, “only I have the truth do as I say” you may call them a cult leader. So why do we put so much trust in one party in government? Why do we not question certain actions and behavior that would normally set off alarm bells in most other situations.

What would happen if we didn’t go into lockdown? What are the patterns we are now beginning to see emerge from around the world? Below is a video discussing the results of a state in America that refused to go into lockdown in comparison with a state that enforced lockdown.


  1. No it is not, in fact being locked down destroys not only the economy but peoples creativity and imagination especially for children. Its time for people to wake up to what is happening to our lives.

    • Hi Evelyn, the reality is you can not actually control a virus. You can take precautions to help avoid it. What I believe we need to look at is where they are having success and that appears to be in places that chose not to lockdown. The other thing with the places that chose this is their economy is still functioning better than most. Like the video says, trust your people to want to survive and provide the advice they need, ie. protect the most vulnerable and wash your hands etc. I think we all feel a little lost on this one, but we need to research history and look closely at the places that are getting the best results. It is becoming clearer that controlling the people and locking them down does not seem to be the best response and will continue creating spikes in the outbreaks of the virus.

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