Who Do We Believe?

I came across a newspaper article the other day saying that Jacinda Ardern was the preferred leader by small business owners. I was a little confused by this as there were a lot of very unhappy business owners last lockdown and here we are with the signs of heading into further lockdowns with stricter rules including being hauled off to a facility if tested positive. I mean that alone concerns me as it becomes more apparent that the tests have a tendency to give an incorrect result.

I guess what I am getting at is, can we really trust some of these polls and articles we are getting fed when another news story indicates that once again small to medium business owners are in fact feeling the stress of another looming lockdown. It also amazes me how people will read one article in a newspaper and take it as gospel yet will question those who have taken the time to research and find the facts for themselves. If we are to see this country free, then sitting around simply absorbing what we are told will never achieve that.

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