The Shocking Truth About The Ones Who Chose Not To Lock Down

“Trust only me”, says Jacinda. I have even noticed there are now memes circulating from the minister of health saying do not look to other sources for your information, they are all conspiracy theories. Here’s my problem with that, a lot of the information being researched by people is from very credible sources and medical professionals and even so far as current outcomes from other countries that have refused lockdown.

If the government really does have our best interest at heart should they not be looking to this information as well? Should they not be encouraging us to be critical thinkers taking the time to research the facts? Why are they attempting to cut us off from other reliable sources of information? Either they are so amazing that they have all the answers, or they have another agenda.

It is now common knowledge that Jacinda committed New Zealand to fully implement Agenda 21/30 when she spoke at a conference put on by the gates foundation. The only problem with this is if you research Agenda21 deeply enough you will find that the powers to be have made an attempt in past history (I will find the information regarding this for another blog) and it’s only purpose was to bring the world population under control. On a side note if you do feel so inclined to do some research, have a look at the history and founding of the UN, it’s a real eye opener.

The thing is at the end of the day why should we use the current government as our only source of information? Why should we implicitly put our trust in them? I was listening to a very good radio broadcast by Kate Hawkesby in regard to the shortcomings of promises made by our current government that have come grossly short of their fulfillment and how covid has become a way to extend our ability to vote this coming election due to the talk of postponing it. The odd thing was while I was listening to the broadcast it got removed / taken down from the internet before I was able to share it. It challenged our current government which I believe is a healthy thing to do if we feel something is not quite adding up.

So lockdown is the answer, detention facilities for positive tests is apparently the answer, bringing in the NZDF is apparently the answer, shutting our economy down is apparently the answer, yet I have now come across two countries and a state in the US that chose not to lockdown and the results have all being very positive with clear outcomes that exceed those who have chosen to lockdown at the cost of the economy and peoples wellbeing.

Here is a little feedback video about the countries that chose not to lockdown. The results may surprise you.

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