Can We Really Bring Change? A Thought for the Minor Parties

The simple answer is yes, we can bring change. But is it going to be a reality? A lot of Kiwi’s right now are wanting something new. We are sick of the lies and the deception. Yes there are those who still shout praise for a job well done, but the continual lies that are getting exposed yet the disregard for the common kiwi person. The most recent example of the government breaking the law in our first lockdown, yet brush it off with not even an apology for the lives that were so deeply effected. Why do we settle for this? I see people on social media praising the powers to be for the compassion they show….(que loud screeching brake sound about now) wait, compassion? Families being denied access to a deceased family members, forced lockdowns, threats of military control, blame shifting, illegal lockdowns, signing overseas agreements without consulting the people you are making the decisions for, creating enormous debt, creating legislation while we are distracted to remove our freedoms and the list goes on.

Jacinda is not our buddy, she is a well trained social machine that is very good at not listening to us (look deeper into the last three years), we feel let down, then she comes in and makes us all feel better for a while.  Even other parties in parliament are confused at her behavior. More and more Kiwi’s are starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together. More and more on social media I am seeing comments about how she has to go! But how can this happen? Well the chances are slim if the alternative options are all competing. The key to a better future where New Zealanders get to retain their freedoms, the right to food gathering, the right to have gatherings and enjoy this beautiful land we have been so proud of for so long is UNITY.

There is strength in unity that will cause us to enjoy our diversity.

See the problem is we have all these what are referred to as minor parties. I don’t actually like that term because straight away it gives us a subconscious idea that these are not other solid options except the two we have been voting for for the last however many years it has been. It’s like using the words conspiracy theory to discredit something that has actually been well researched and more often than not found to be true. Words are very powerful things and if used right can coerce people to believe or behave in a certain manner.

The sad thing is all the people who so desperately want change will all go and vote for one of these minor parties in the hope we will finally experience something new. I guess you can see the problem already…votes will be divided between these small parties giving the usual the majority vote be it Labour or National. If we are truly going to see change we either all need to pick one of the what have been referring to as minor parties that meet our hopes and desires, or all the minor parties need to band together and create a new machine that will plow down the status quo.

This is just a tiny blog in the middle of an enormous ocean called the net, but we somehow need to get the message out, if we truly want change then we need to come together! If you do happen to stumble across this little blog, a voice for Kiwi’s and something here rings true deep inside then share with your friends and family and let’s start to think outside the box and have some conversations about joining together. Forget Left and Right and start thinking Kiwi Unity and save the freedoms we have known for so long no matter our age, race, opinions, and so on. This is about our future, and we can only function in a healthy way if we set our differences aside and come together for a common goal. The irony is, the only way to enjoy our differences is if we can start to agree on something so important.

So minor parties, no longer see yourself as minor, it’s time to bring the strengths each of you have to the table and find the common goal and band together in unity and ensure New Zealand remains a free country and a continued democracy!

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